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Taxi Fleet Insurance

Owning a taxi fleet means that you have to keep an eye on a number of vehicles on a daily basis, which can often be time consuming. Not only do you have to make sure that all the MOTs are up to date, but also the services, tax, maintenance and more. This is why it is so important to invest in a taxi fleet insurance policy that can save you money as well as a considerable amount of time. We have a number of fleet insurance policies that can help you and your business, no matter what type of vehicles you own, so why not get an online quote today?

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  • Obviously, if you own two or three vehicles for personal use you won’t consider yourself to have a fleet, and neither will your insurance company. Generally, a fleet consists of around ten or more vehicles which are used on a daily basis in order to help run your business. So if you own a delivery company, run your own taxi firm or offer any other type of service dependant on the use of vehicles on a daily basis, you probably need taxi fleet insurance!

  • If you own a fleet of vehicles you will often find that each vehicle is driven by someone different each day, which is why it is important that your whole fleet is covered, not just one specific driver or vehicle. Taxi fleet insurers understand the fact that the vehicles in your company will be driven more often than most privately owned cars, and are therefore more likely to experience wear and tear or even accidents. Unlike your own private car, having one of the vehicles from your fleet off the road for a long period of time can start costing your company a lot of money, but with taxi fleet insurance it can be back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • After spending years working with a number of taxi fleet managers, we know that no two vehicle fleets are the same. With this in mind, we have found a wide range of taxi fleet insurance policies that can help you, no matter what type of fleet you own. Whether you have taxis, minibuses, vans, trucks or coaches we can find the right type of cover for you. Our business is protecting your business, so fill in an online quote form today and see how we can help keep your fleet running smoothly.