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Salon Insurance

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Running a salon can be tough as you always have to keep an eye on finances, bookings, customer service, staff and equipment to name a few. This is why having the right salon insurance not only provides peace of mind but also protects you and your business during difficult times.

Here at QuoteSearcher we work with dozens of insurance brokers across the board who help our customers find insurance policies. Whether your salon specialises in hair, beauty, tanning or a mixture of all the above, by filling out our online form we can help protect your business when it matters most.

Hairdresser Salon Insurance

All hairdresser salons are different – some are modern, some are traditional and some specialise in luxury treatments. When it comes to your hairdresser insurance it therefore only makes sense that your policy should be as individual as your business. When it comes to searching for hairdresser salon insurance you need to consider what you need to protect the most, such as your equipment and your business’ finances.

Hairdresser insurance can cover your staff, equipment, building and more depending on the type of policy you choose. If you are looking to cover one or more hairdresser salons our brokers can help, and in some instances even offer a multi-salon discount. To find out more fill out our online form.

Barbers Salon Insurance

People are often very particular when it comes to their barbers, with some visiting the same place for years or even decades. Keeping a business running for this amount of time requires dedication, skill and the right type of protection in case your business or its premises are damaged.

Depending on the services you provide, your barbers salon insurance policy can help protect both your staff and equipment, helping you stay in business for years to come. As you are working around members of the public you should also consider investing in public liability cover for your salon in case an accident occurs on your premises which leads to legal or financial issues.

Beautician Salon Insurance

People love visiting beauticians, which is why you need to make sure that every single customer has a positive experience at your salon. Beauty salons are often equipped with the latest tools and technology so they can provide customers a range of services, from manicures to facials to spray tans or massages.

As you have all this equipment in your store its of the utmost importance you protect it from loss or theft with beautician salon insurance.  Your policy can also include public liability which will protect your customers whilst visiting your salon and give you peace of mind that should an accident occur.

Make Up Salon Insurance

These days, salons offer numerous services including hair and make up for special occasions.  As a make up artist you will require a considerable amount of products and tools to carry out your day to day work, and should you lose or damage these tools you may not be able to fulfil your appointments.

Make up salon insurance protects make up artists and their equipment, meaning if something is lost, stolen or damaged you can claim for a replacement. If you specialise in a certain type of make up, such as wedding make up or theatre make up, our brokers can also help you find cover for your specific needs.

Tanning Salon Insurance

Tanning salons have grown in popularity over the past few years, however if you own a salon you will know that the equipment is not cheap to purchase and requires regular servicing. Therefore, if a piece of tanning equipment breaks you may have to pay thousands of pounds to cover the cost.

Tanning salon insurance can help cover the costs of replacing or repairing tanning equipment whether it is damaged, vandalised or stolen. It can also help protect your business’ premises and include public liability which protects you against legal issues if a customer is injured in your salon.

Self Employed / Mobile Salon Insurance

Flexibility is just one of the benefits of being a hairdresser, make up artist or beautician, however at the same time you are often required to work evenings and weekends. This is why many salon specialists choose to be self employed so that they have control over their schedules.

Whether you are self employed, rent a chair at a salon or travel on a daily basis as part of your work, it’s important that you are still covered with a suitable salon insurance policy. Even though you won’t require cover for a business premises, you will still need to make sure your equipment is covered, especially if you have to provide it yourself.

Public liability insurance is also important for self employed and mobile salon specialists as you will be constantly interacting with members of the public throughout the day. Should anything happen to one of your customers during an appointment you will need to be properly protected otherwise you could find yourself in legal or financial difficulty.

Why Use Quotesearcher

  • Only deal with leading UK insurers
  • No need to shop around to find the best deal
  • One stop solution for all your insurance needs
  • Here at QuoteSearcher we know that salon owners not only need to protect their equipment and stock but also their business against employee liability and public liability.  As salons are generally quite busy places accidents are more likely to happen, and if you are accused of being at fault you may have to go to court.  Employee liability insurance and public liability insurance can cover the costs of legal fees, court fees and compensation should you be found at fault, meaning your business won’t suffer.  Our online form even allows you to choose the amount of employee and public liability cover you need, meaning you will receive a bespoke salon insurance policy.

  • So that our partners can provide you with comprehensive salon insurance policies our online form requires some information concerning your business.  For example, we ask what type of business you own, the number of employees you employ and the total value of both your stock and your equipment.  By knowing a bit about your business our specialist brokers can provide you with either mobile hairdresser insurance, hair and beauty insurance, or just a general salon insurance policy.  This way you can be sure that you will have the right level of cover for your business.

  • One of our main aims at QuoteSearcher is to be as flexible as possible, accommodating all our customers regardless of their business size or type.  If you are a freelancer or rent a chair in a salon you will still be able to search for insurance via QuoteSearcher, all you have to do is select ‘No’ where the form asks if you are the owner of the salon.  If you have any other special requirements and are not sure whether we can help then make sure you fill in our Contact Us form and we will get back to you straight away with all the options available!