Wolfgang Puck brings CUT to 45 Park Lane

Wolfgang Puck has brought his fine dining restaurant, CUT to Europe. His first restaurant, Spago was opened over 30 years ago in Los Angeles and his empire of restaurants, cookbooks and saucepans can be found all over the world. Now, his 26th restaurant has been opened at Park Lane in London.

Puck’s fans include Sir Elton John and the Obamas and will be sure to win over more fans soon.

Although the Austrian-born chef had previously opened 25 other restaurants, this 26th is his first in Europe. Puck, who is 62 years old, has chosen Park Lane for his CUT restaurant.
Three decades ago, Puck’s aspiration was to introduce the American market to French haute cuisine. He was successful, but now the challenge is to bring Americanised European food back to Europe.

CUT’s restaurant director, Loyd Loudy said, “The lunch portions are slightly smaller and there are more greens and more seafood. Wolfgang loves the fish and seafood. It is much better than he can get in Los Angeles.” Crab and lobster “Louis” has featured on loads of the chef’s menus for over 20 years. For the first time, the crab that features on the menus comes from Dorset.

Puck was born in 1949 in Austria, his mother was an occasional pastry chef from which he learnt cooking from her, before starting an apprenticeship in Monaco at Hotel de Paris. Puck moved to the US and eventually to Los Angeles.

Puck’s first cookbook was published in 1981, called Modern French Cooking for the American Kitchen, following that he acquired a restaurant insurance quote and opened his first restaurant Spago.

Loudy said that Puck has had wanted to open a restaurant in London for years, but “There has never been the right mix. He specifically wanted to open in a hotel.”

CUT at 45 Park Lane offers a huge tasting menu and 15 cuts of steak. The head chef is David McIntyre, has relocated from Beverly Hills and has known Puck for 13 years.

The restaurant has 70 seats, which already have a waiting list over the next few weeks for people who want to dine in the restaurant.

The steaks at CUT will be grilled over specially imported hardwood and charcoal, then grilled from above at nearly 350C at Puck’s unique specification. However, Loudy believes that it is the service that will be CUT’s unique contribution. Loudy said “It is the philosophy of service. Wolfgang believes passionately in front of house. The way we greet people and the style of service will be more like in the US, and entirely new to London.”

It sounds like a wonderful restaurant which we hope to dine at one day!

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