What can we Expect from the Olympics Food Court?

The Olympic Games have been promising us all that the food served this year will be the “best of British.”

This makes us all think of our traditional English goodies: Sunday roast, tea and scones, fish and chips, beef wellington, Cornish pasty along with an Eton mess and a pot of hot tea or a pint of ale. What we are getting isn’t far off, according to a sample menu that has been released.

The menu for what will be on offer accompanied with prices was released early this week and the list includes: Singapore noodles, chicken wings, pizza, pasta and chicken burritos.  There will also be African barbeques, fish and chips and the good old pie and mash.  Also at the Olympic Park is the biggest McDonald’s in the world, which has a capacity of seating 1,500.

Organisers have said that the menu will reflect the “heritage and diversity of British regional products and recipes.”The prices for the food look a little steep but they are for most big events so this is to be expected. For a coca-cola at the games, it will set you back £2.60 and a bottle of water will be £1.60. A pie and mash will be £8 and a beer will be £4.20.

As the main sponsors, McDonalds, will be providing 10% of meals over the course of the Olympics and will be one of 3 branded products that will feature: Heineken and Cadbury’s will be the other two.

Jan Matthews, the head of catering at Locog has said, “We are trying to make it feel like a food festival and we have walked round Borough Market several times to try and get that feel. There will be fruit barrows and stalls where you can buy different types of olives.

“While sport will take centre stage, the ‘Olympic experience’ that people will take away will be build from and influenced by a multitude of factors, one of the biggest will be food and drink.”

Although the majority of places offering food at the Olympics won’t need restaurant insurance, the restaurants in the surrounding area definitely will. It is a great way to ensure your business carry on running as usual even in the case of an unforeseen circumstance, especially during the Olympics.

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