The Foodie Fanatics have Voted and the Winner is…

The poll for the best foodie blog on the web has closed and the winner that readers have voted for is Amsterdam based foodie, Valerie, whose wonderful food blog is called ‘Love through the Stomach’.

Our poll for best foodie blog on the web received 246 votes from people all around the world and Love through the Stomach received 78 of these votes.

Congratulations to Valerie who will receive a copy of Heston Blumenthal’s new book, ‘Heston Blumenthal at Home’, which will hopefully inspire her to write more fabulous foodie posts for everyone to enjoy!

In second place was Juls’ Kitchen, who received 37 votes with its fantastic photos alongside its recipes and following shortly in third place with 35 votes was thebountifulplate, whose blog consists of both indulgent and homely recipes.

Our final top 10 blogs on the web are as follows –

1. – @Valerie_LTTS (78 Votes)
2. – @JulsKitchen (37 Votes)
3. – @catchychan (35 Votes)
4. – @FatEnglishman (32 Votes)
5. – @tartinegourmand (23 Votes)
6. – @CannelleVanille (17 Votes)
7. – @FriendsEAT (15 Votes)
8. – @RenBehan (11 Votes)
9. – @thelondonfoodie (10 Votes)
10. – @ieatblog (7 Votes)

Congratulations to everyone who made it in the top 10 of our best foodie blog on the web poll, especially Love Through the Stomach, Juls’ Kitchen and thebountifulplate.

Thanks to everyone that voted and tweeted about the QuoteSearcher poll, we hope that you’ve all enjoyed reading the foodie blogs as much as we did and maybe you’ve discovered a new recipe on the way!

The lucky foodies who made it to the top 10 will all receive a unique badge which you can place on your blog to show that you took part in the best foodie blog on the web, as voted for by other foodie fanatics!

If you didn’t get a chance to enter this competition, don’t worry as we will be running more competitions in the future!

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