Temporary Wahaca Restaurant made from Recycled Materials in London

Wahaca, the Mexican street food chain will be opening a temporary restaurant on London’s Southbank which is to be made with recycled shipping containers.

It plans to open at the end of June during Southbank Centre’s summer long Festival of the World and is described as “pushing the boundaries of sustainable restaurants”.

The temporary restaurant will be located on the terrace of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and the shipping containers will be arranged in a two-storey overhanging structure, allowing space for a terrace, bar, 130 diners and lots of outdoor seating.

Tristan Manco, one of the world’s biggest influential commentators on street art, will be working with Wahaca to pick a series of graffiti artists to decorate the restaurant.

The initial artwork will be completed by street artist Saner, who is travelling from Mexico City, to complete what’s promised to be the first of a striking series of murals on the site.

Co-founder of Mark Selby, said, “This is a great experiment for us. Placing eight sea containers on Southbank Centre’s terrace without gas and scarcely any electricity and expecting to open up a fully functional restaurant and bar has certainly caused an extensive amount of head scratching, but over the last five years that seems to be what we’ve done best at Wahaca.”

This exciting project will be experimental as staff will continue to play around with the design of the restaurant and food. The seasonal Mexican specials will change frequently and Thomasina Miers, executive chef, will be inviting other chefs to cook alongside her to try out new ingredients and adapt the menu on an on-going basis.

This will allow the chefs to understand which foods the public enjoy most, before bringing the foods and dishes to their main Wahaca restaurants.

Wahaca was lauched by Selby and former BBC MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers and currently has restaurants in both the Westfields in London, Covent Garden, Soho, Canary Wharf and Bluewater.

The Mexican restaurant chain celebrates its 5th birthday this year and will open its 8th restaurant on Charlotte Street which will have the group’s first breakfast bar and market store, once the restaurant insurance, staff, supplies and decor have all been put into place.

It’s always great to hear about restaurants doing well when the news in mainly focused around businesses struggling during this hard economic times.

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