Take Away Pizza Saltier Than Sea Water

Recent research by health organisations has found that many pizzas sold in takeaways, restaurants and supermarkets contain the maximum daily allowance of salt, if not more. The results were found by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) and the Association of London Environmental Health Managers, after they analysed 199 margherita and pepperoni pizzas.

This survey coincided with Salt Awareness Week, as the government and health organisations do all they can to ensure people have a healthy, balanced diet. The recommended daily allowance of salt for an adult is 6g. Many of the pizzas tested contained more than this, with some reaching 10g.
One of the more startling discoveries came from the London Restaurant, Adam & Eve in Mill Hill, which sold a pepperoni pizza that contained 2.73g of salt per 10g. This is saltier than the Atlantic Ocean which contains 2.5g per 100g.

Since the survey was released however, Adam & Eve have reduced the amount of salt in their pizza but it still remains at worryingly high levels, as do most pizzas. It is recommended restaurants take steps to improve their recipes and make them healthier, as a growing number of Brits are making conscious efforts to eat healthy. In order for restaurateurs to protect themselves from this ever changing food industry, investment in quality restaurant insurance will provide peace of mind while they strive to improve their business.

Supermarkets have made efforts to reduce the amount of salt in their products as colour coded nutrition information has become a common feature of food labelling. Red signs quite clearly indicate large quantities and high levels of salt consumption can increase the risk of high blood pressure and strokes. Takeaway foods however do not publish nutrition levels, so consumers can unknowingly eat extremely high levels of salt.

As a result, the government is being urged to enforce stronger regulations. The Department of Health has called for food companies to have the salt levels in their products contain no more than 1.25g per 100g by the end of this year. At present, only 16% of takeaway pizzas adhere to this, unlike the 75% of supermarket pizzas.

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