Survey Reveals Kids Eating Junk

But we already knew that, didn’t we?

A recent survey has revealed that our British youth are living on a very poor diet consisting of too much junk food and nowhere near enough fruit and vegetables.

Nearly a third of children at secondary school are eating crisps, sweets and chocolate at least three times each and every day, whilst two out of five youngsters are drinking fizzy energy drinks every day.

The survey was conducted by the British Heart Foundation. They analysed the dietary habits of 2,000 11 to 16 year olds. The survey has also been a topic of debate throughout newsrooms today.

The findings have shown that, on average, Britain’s youngsters are eating 2.57 portions of fruit and vegetables daily, which is way below the recommend daily amount, and, more alarmingly, that 25% have stated that they consume just one piece of fruit or none at all each day.

The British Heart Foundation has commented that altogether, 90% of the respondents are currently not eating the recommended amount of five daily portions of fruit and vegetables. A third of the respondents said that they usually eat crisps for lunch, whilst 31% stated that they do actually eat fruit at lunch time, just not enough it seems to meet daily recommendations. Meanwhile, 9% said that they eat salad at lunch.

Furthermore, another 21% of our youngsters in Britain said that they are eating chocolate bars for lunch every day.

The British Heart Foundation has also confirmed that the majority of today’s youngsters are not on a healthy diet as their daily diet currently consists of a chocolate bar, a fizzy drink, an energy drink, and a bag of sweets.

It was also revealed that youngsters are taking in around 30 teaspoons of sugar, more fat than the average cheeseburger would contain, and over a third of their recommended daily calorie intake, in an average day. This is indeed alarming!

With the increasing number of health conscious restaurants around the country, along with high profile celebrity chefs pushing the idea of healthy eating, such as Jamie Oliver for example, it seems that healthy eating messages still seem to bypass a large number of people. Those health conscious restaurants are, nevertheless, doing a fantastic job, and let’s hope they can continue to pay their overheads, including commercial restaurant insurance, in order to stay open and continue promoting the healthy eating message!

Perhaps it is just impossible to try to control what 11 to 16 year olds eat? Perhaps this is something they just have to learn on their own as they get older?

It would be great to hear your thoughts on such an important topic! How can we get our youngsters eating healthier grub?

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