Sun, Sea, Food and Sangrias

We Brits probably have a bad reputation for going on holiday and finding the nearest, McDonalds, Subway or KFC. However, a survey by Churchill Travel insurance revealed that holiday makers from Britain usually like to make the most out of local cuisines and drinks when abroad on their holidays.According to the survey, a British holidaymaker will spend on average £43 on food and drink per day, which amounts to over £600 on bills spent on eating and drinking abroad (over a 2 week stay).

When in Britain, people are usually always on the go and picking up food for a quick bite before heading off, the survey showed that Brits on holiday will allocate and spend more time relaxing and enjoying their food, with almost 4 hours put aside for indulging in food and drink every day.

Over two-fifths of holiday makers from Britain say they consume more food abroad compared to eating at home, with over half the survey saying they put on an extra bit of holiday weight over their break.

Annette Fox, spokesperson for Churchill Travel Insurance said, “It seems that British travellers are making the most of the cuisine on offer in other countries while they are abroad.

“However, remember to check that the food is safe to eat if you’re eating away from your hotel, and be safe and know your limits when drinking alcohol,” Fox advises.

It’s no surprise that holidaymakers like to indulge abroad, the normal time constraints of a busy life and work are removed, allowing people to relax, indulge and have a lengthy, unhurried lunch or dinner.

With the economy picking up and people eating out more, restaurants are able to cover their costs like hiring staff, acquiring restaurant insurance and getting supplies, and are finally making profits.

Another recent survey by Lloyds Banking Group revealed that many Brits on a staycation in the UK would spend up to £500 on summer activities and one in eight said they will fork out over £1,000 in 2011.

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