Strategies to Tackle Obesity Not Working says Medical Professionals

Doctors hit out at the Government’s strategy to tackle obesity as they launch their own campaign to tackle Britain’s junk food & obesity trouble.

The body that represents all the doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists and paediatricians in England, the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges (AoMRC) said that because measures to tackle the fat problem are not working, there was a “huge crisis waiting to happen”.

24% of women and 22% of men in the United Kingdom are now classed as obese – the highest in Europe.

Experts predict that by 2030, the problem of obesity with soar, with 43% of women becoming obese and 48% of men becoming obese.

The body will run a three month investigation to look at the action people can take, as well as how sponsorship and advertising can have an impact.

The AoMRC are asking for a ban on McDonalds advertising at big sporting events e.g. the Olympic Games and wants a ‘fat tax’ on the unhealthiest foods to be put in place.

They are also demanding fast food free zones around schools to be brought in.

Professor Terence Stephenson, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, is the vice chairman of the AoMRC, who will lead the campaign.

Professor Stephenson said that the campaign would see medical professionals coming together in an unprecedented way. He said, “Our starting point is the collective desire to ensure the healthcare profession is doing all it can to detect, treat, manage – and ultimately prevent – obesity.

“It is unprecedented that the medical royal colleges and faculties have come together on such a high-profile public health issue.”

He said that the current strategies to work on obesity were now working.

He added, “We recognise the huge crisis waiting to happen and believe that current strategies to reduce obesity are failing to have a significant impact.

“Speaking with one voice we have a more of a chance of preventing generation after generation falling victim to obesity-related illnesses and death.”

The campaign will look for the views of local authorities, healthcare professionals, charities, education providers, the public and campaign groups, in the form of oral and written evidence.

The first report, which is due to be published this year, will offer recommendations for how the medical professionals, organisations, individuals and the government can lower obesity levels, which may also have support and different views from other people in the industry including restaurant insurance providers, restaurants, manufacturers and other companies.

Chairman of the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges, said, “This won’t be just another report that sits on the shelf and gathers dust; it will form the bedrock of our ongoing campaigning activity.

“We are absolutely determined to push for whatever changes need to happen to make real progress in tackling – which is why we’re casting the net wide to get input from a range of organisations and individuals”.

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