Restaurants should be more innovative with mobile technology

Nowadays, nearly everybody in the UK owns a mobile phone or smartphone and won’t leave their home without one. The chief marketing officer at web-based restaurant reservations and marketing service operator Livebookings, Andris Berzins states that, “To provide a better service to customers, restaurants should take more advantage of mobile technology”.

The Quotesearcher team has actually been in a situation where we’ve made an impromptu trip to central London and needed to make a restaurant booking whilst we were there. Being able to use a mobile phone to search for a particular restaurant and access their booking page was handy. It was also easy to change the reservation time via our phone when we were running late with our pre-dinner drinks.

Berzins said “It’s vital that restaurants respond to consumer behaviours to deliver a high quality user experience by embracing mobile technology.

“Consumers have high expectations and demand instant access to the services and products they want 24/7,” he explained.

In May, the Livebookings Restaurant Index was launched which tracks dining trends and examines the international growth of mobile and online reservations. “Many European markets are taking advantage and benefitting from mobile technology to drive online reservations.

“Reservations made via mobiles have been fuelled by the popularity of smartphones across Europe” Berzins added.

According to the Livebookings Restaurant Index, there has been an increase of two-thirds of online booking through mobile devices over the past 6 month as 6% of all UK online bookings are made on mobile devices.

With the increased popularity of iPads and tablets, restaurants should seriously think about providing an online mobile booking system to drive more reservations to their restaurants, as it does not affect their restaurant insurance quote and may be worth investing in. Of course, people may still want to phone up restaurants to book reservations, but at Quotesearcher we believe that it’s about giving the customer different options and choices.

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