Restaurants in Sunderland need to keep it clean

Do you ever go into a restaurant or takeaway that looks great but still wonder how clean it is? Let’s be honest, even if it looks great out front who knows what’s going on in the kitchen! There could be food dropped on the floor, dishes washed in dirty water or even out of date produce making its way into dishes!

Well, to make sure their local restaurants and takeaways keep up high standards of hygiene, the Sunderland Council has signed up to a national “scores-on-the-doors” scheme, which will give each food establishment in the area a star rating based on their level of hygiene.

It will not be compulsory for restaurants to display their star rating but obviously eyebrows will be raised at those who don’t!

It will also be interesting to see if the hygiene ratings match up with the food star ratings. Some restaurants may have received 4 stars for the quality of their dishes but just get a 1 or 2 star rating for the establishments cleanliness.

In fact, this could be a real eye opener for both customers and the restaurant owners. We all have our favourite restaurants, for the quality of the food, but may have to re-think going if it turns out they don’t know how to clean up! Equally restaurant owners may find that, although people love their food, they are not meeting high enough standards when it comes to hygiene.

This new star rating could also have a huge impact on Sunderland restaurants, money wise. Those who score low on the hygiene level could see a loss of customers, an increase in their restaurant insurance and could possibly even face the threat of closure if their current standards are too low.

We love the idea of information on a restaurants cleanliness being made public, we just hope none of our favourites turn out to be 1 star dirt holes!

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