QuoteSearcher Visits Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Sometimes we just crave a big messy, meaty burger. So, over the weekend we decided to visit the burger chain, Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK).

When we arrived at the restaurant we were seated and given our menus by a friendly waitress. My colleague ordered a Mexican burger which included beef, sour cream, avocado spicy kidney bean salsa, mayo and salad and I chose one of GBK’s traditional classics, the cheese and bacon burger which included beef, aged cheddar, streaky bacon, salad, mayo, relish and gherkins. We also shared chips, onion rings and dipping sauces including a blue cheese dip and garlic mayo.

We loved that they served our coca cola and sprites in glass bottles, as we haven’t come across old fashion styled drinks in a while.

We didn’t have to wait too long until our wish for big, messy, meaty burgers came true. The burgers and oversized buns had their ingredients and salad held together by a skewer, we didn’t know how to start eating them! The onion rings were huge with crispy, golden batter and the chips were also crispy and delicious. We are fans of garlic but found the garlic dipping sauce to be very strong. However, the blue cheese dipping sauce was so good and went well with the burgers, onion rings and chips. Ketchup is free of charge and was available on each of the restaurants tables, in cool retro plastic tomato squeezers! The meal was definitely comfort food and satisfied our hungry stomachs.

The whole meal came to just over £10 per head which is definitely worth it. The decor was cool, comfortable and clean. The kitchen is clearly visible when ordering the food so you can watch while you wait, if you really wanted to.

At the moment, GBK are running a campaign with their charity of choice, Help a Capital Child. If you buy a burger or main course salad you get another for £1. Help a Capital Child will then receive a donation. This fundraising has been happening for over the last two years and has so far raised £218,000. With the increased cost of staff, energy, decor, restaurant insurance, rent and supplies, as well as customers eating out less because of the economic climate, we are very happy to see GBK supporting the charity.

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