QuoteSearcher tries a new Pizza from Domino’s Gourmet Range

Every Friday, the team at QuoteSearcher usually has a takeaway for a lunchtime treat. Last week we decided to try a pizza from Domino’s Pizza new gourmet range.

When you think about the people who order Domino’s Pizza, students, ‘couch potatos’ and people with a hangover may come to mind. However, as sales slow down and costs like restaurant insurance quotes, supplies and staff increase, Domino’s Pizza launched their gourmet range in hope to broaden their appeal to a wider market.

There were three different pizzas to choose from in the gourmet range, all served on a thin crust base, including-

Firenze – Toppings included pepperoni, Ventricina salami and Peruvian roquito peppers which make this pizza a fiery choice.

Rustica – SunBlush baby plum tomatos, baby spinach, smoked bacon rashers and chicken breast strips.

Florentine – Sunblush baby plum tomatoes, baby spinach and Greek feta cheese.

We chose a Florentine to share as we liked the sound of the Greek feta cheese. We could have also had the new Gourmet garlic bread which is made using 100% mozzarella cheese, sundried tomatoes and garlic sauce over a fresh thin crust base. However, we decided not to as it would have been a heavy lunch and the afternoon would have probably been unproductive!

When our pizza arrived, the Florentine was quite pungent (in a good way) and it looked delicious as well. The sunblush tomatoes were sweet and tasty and the feta cheese was a good contrast to the tomatoes. We couldn’t really taste the spinach as the cheese was quite overpowering.

It was much lighter than a normal Dominos pizza and we probably could have eaten the extra garlic bread without feeling too full. At £17.99 the pizza is expensive and we felt that if ordering a dominos, we might as well get a ‘traditional’ greasy takeaway pizza, or alternatively go to the pizza restaurant down the road and buy a classic pizza that’s cooked in a wood fired oven.

Sales and marketing director at Domino’s Pizza, Simon Wallis, said “Our new Domino’s Gourmet Range has been specially developed to appeal to a different type of pizza-eater who is looking for a lighter pizza and more distinctive flavours, which are akin to those you might find in a traditional pizzeria. We want to make dining in, the new dining out with Domino’s Gourmet Range.”

If you want a takeaway pizza but a lighter meal at the same time, then a pizza from the gourmet range is for you.

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