New Jay Z Collaboration with Ashley Cole

Jay Z has announced that he is collaborating with Ashley Cole. Not in music, but opening up a restaurant and nightclub together. They plan to employ talented, unemployed young people and donate profits to good causes, similarly to Jamie’s Fifteen restaurant in Cornwall.

However, if you are thinking that it’s going to be a fast food kind of place where you wash down a burger with a Bacardi Breezer on the dancefloor, think again. Jay and Ashley plan to open up a posh, high end, swanky restaurant in central London. Stars are already requesting membership to guarantee ‘money can’t buy’ VIP access.

The pair have started looking at potential plush properties around Pall Mall in London and have already decided to name the restaurant 40/40, which is the same name as Jay’s chain of nightclubs in America.

Jay said “London is one of the most thrilling and lively cities in the world and the perfect location for our new nightclub/restaurant.”

As well as being a hip hop star, Jay has a multi million pound clothing line called Rocawear, is an investor in a line of beauty products, part-owns the New Jersey Nets basketball team and his five nightclubs around America are already successful. With this in mind, Ashley has found himself a good partner to go into business with.

However, while out in LA recently, Chelsea football player Ashley has also been doing his fair share of research and looking into nightclubs and restaurants, possible suppliers, interior design ideas and restaurant insurance providers. Jay and Ashley have already made a shortlist of potential top chefs to work at their new restaurant/nightclub in London, alongside the young apprentices.

Ashley explained “I have grown up listening to Jay Z’s music and am delighted to be working with him. The projects we will do will be delivering much needed money back into music and sports in the local community, as well as encouraging young people to get back to work”.

The pair plans to donate a percentage of their monthly profits to different charities. The charities include youth charities for sports and music projects in deprived communities.

Stars like Rihanna, Beyonce and high profile football players have already been listed on the line up for the 40/40 grand opening night in London, which has been planned for next year.

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