National Frozen Foods Month

March is national frozen foods month which is a good excuse to try new healthy options that you can find in the freezer.

Frozen foods are a lot more convenient so make sure you plan ahead and have a variety of flavours, textures and colours in your freezer. Also make sure you have a range of food groups so each meal has added nutrients.

To go with these frozen delights you will also need something to eat them with so make sure your cupboards are stocked with staples like, brown rice and spices for seasoning.

Frozen berries are a great way of having seasonal fruits all year round and the best part is, they have the same nutrients from frozen as they do fresh. Another bonus is they are also less expensive from frozen. The same goes for vegetables, however, do make sure that there has been no added fat, sodium and sugar to your produce.

Fish and meat are great frozen, although many companies add sodium, which preserves the produce for longer, so to balance a meal that does have this added sodium, make sure you add vegetables that have no salt added and grains.

Some restaurants already know the benefits of using frozen foods, and although many customers feel this option is not as good as fresh, it is just as nutritious. It is possibly better for the restaurant industry, as saving money on as many areas as possible is vital in the current economic climate. So by switching from fresh to frozen, restaurants could be saving those all important pennies. Other area’s that they can save on are, restaurant insurance, staffing costs and the wastage of food.

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