Minimise your Food Waste this Christmas

Shopping trolleyIn the UK, nearly 12 million tonnes of food is rejected by the food processing industry, before it even reaches the shops. It has been said that households throw away over 8 million tonnes of edible food every year.

This is estimated to be between 20-40% of all vegetables and fruit, much of which are edible, but do not meet the strict quality requirements of UK supermarkets.

The resources and energy that is required to grow, harvest, package and distribute our food is huge; if these products are not even eaten than the waste is doubled.

By chucking away edible food, we are not only being wasteful but adding greenhouse gasses to the environment. Saving on resources, landfill and emissions.

However, it’s the time of year where we tend to overspend and over shop on food, which usually leads to throwing more things away.

Restaurants across the UK are also stocking up on food for customers who are indulging over the festive season, but are also encouraging people to order what they are able to eat (especially buffet style restaurants). Restaurant suppliers, restaurant insurance providers and other people in the food industry are also trying to reduce waste.

Shoppers have been advised to plan what meals they are eating and before heading out to supermarkets, to make a list of what they actually need. Aimlessly wandering down the aisles and buying things that you think you need, will lead to impulse buying – especially if there are tempting offers on show for you.

Some of us here at QuoteSearcher are, admittedly, sometimes wasteful when it comes to food. Even today, some of us brought in a packed lunch but still headed out to McDonalds for food. Although we do plan on eating the packed lunch later today or taking them home to eat.

We also understand impulse shopping in supermarkets when it comes to buying food, especially if things seem cheaper if they are on a special offer or if we’re hungry when we are food shopping. However, we will also be doing our best to cut down on our waste.

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