Michelin Star Chef Bites Back

Restaurateur Sat Bains is fighting back after he felt some of the comments left by critics on TripAdvisor were unfair.

He said he felt people who were unhappy with the service or food they received at his restaurant should have said something while they were there, instead of writing these negative reviews. “Most nasty reviews are done by hidden guests that do not make themselves known. This is my business and I do take all criticism very seriously.

“But I am finding it harder to do so from mysterious, scared guests who won’t even share their experience with us at the restaurant but decide to hide behind a mask and type away until their heart’s content.”

Bains opened his restaurant, Sat Bains, in 2002 and after just a year, he had already achieved a Michelin star and it was Nottingham’s first. In 2006 the restaurant won the restaurant of the year in England by the AA and he won the best starter award in the 2007 Great British Menu series.

Despite all these awards and having two Michelin stars, customers are still criticising his food and service. A customer wrote “The food is good but not exceptional, the prices are too high and there is just something missing here.” Bains wrote back, “I know what’s missing… You. Now stay away, the 2 for 1’s are missing your business.” He said the main reason he writes back is to give some balance to the negative reviews.

His comments appear to have caused little damage the restaurants reputation and many feel that he is entitled to respond to the negative comments as everyone is allowed their own views. Many also feel that it is done in a tongue and cheek way.

Sat Bains, like every other restaurateur, needs restaurant insurance to ensure his business and livelihood will carry on in the wake of an unforeseen circumstance.

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