Men Would choose their Mum’s Cooking over their Wife’s

It’s not too surprising to me, but a survey shows that over half of grown men prefer their mum’s cooking to their own wife’s because their mums rustle up hearty, more traditional dishes.

The study shows that wives and girlfriends are more likely to serve up ready meals or pre-prepared meals from the freezer, while their mums will always cook something they know he likes.

Food Network UK who conducted the poll, also discovered that 1 in 4 men often go back home to their mum’s for dinner without their girlfriend or wife knowing.

Nick Thorogood, Spokesman, said, “It’s quite endearing men prefer their mothers cooking.

“As adults, men still seek the comfort and tradition of the cooking they have grown up with so turn to their mums for what they perceive as a ‘proper meal’.

‘”A lot of the best recipes Brits have are likely to have been handed down to them from their mums and Mother’s Day is the perfect time for people to put those cooking tips to good use and surprise their mum with a home-cooked meal.

“Saying that, it’s gracious to appreciate any food – regardless who has cooked it for you.”

The research also showed that more than 1 in 10 men think that their other halves feel under pressure to live up to their mother-in-law’s cooking skills.

47% of men even have the cheek to complain to their other halves if their food isn’t up to scratch, 2% of these men do it in a ‘jokey’ way so it doesn’t hurt their feelings.

1 in 10 men say that they moan all the time if their dinner is below average.

The survey also found that 1 in 10 men have also refused to eat their partner’s food!

13% of the 2000 men in the survey have actually told their partners to seek cooking advice from his mum to brush up on her skills. It’s not surprising that this has caused ‘upset’ in two thirds of relationships.

Mother in laws often add fuel to the fire with 1 in 20 asking their son if he’s eating properly. 16% of men said that their mum often points out to his girlfriend or wife about him losing weight. However, 31% of women will also put down their mother in law’s cooking.

The survey found that 1 in 20 men think that there is a big rivalry between his partner and mother in the kitchen and 1 in 5 said that there was a ‘bit’ of competition.

A huge three quarters of men said that rivalry had caused arguments and 36% thought that their other half was threatened by his mother’s cooking skills.

However, it’s not just issues between his mum and wife that causes arguments – 24% believes that there has been an argument between his mother in law and own mother.

1 in 10 said that there was a conflict between the two mothers on many family occasions.

Nick Thorogood said, “It would seem there is rivalry in many homes over who cooks the best food”

“’Whilst it’s nice that everyone is trying to please the men in their life, it seems that this year the women need to put their feet up and the men should do the cooking.”

I’m sure this is just a small sample of men who rely on their mums and other halves for food! The men in the QuoteSearcher office love cooking and are often talking about their culinary arts!

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