Marco Pierre White Launches Restaurant in Newcastle

At the end of this week the hotel that will include restaurant by top chef Marco Pierre White will open.

Hotel Indigo will open on Friday on Fenkle Street in Newcastle. The building has been left abandoned after the insurance company it housed, moved out over 10 years ago.

The world-famous chef Marco Pierre White will manage the hotel’s £20 million restaurant. The chef had three Michelin stars before he retired and became a restaurateur and has personally designed the menu and hired the staff.

The restaurant seats 100 people and will be a steakhouse bar and grill. It will be Newcastle’s first restaurant that is headed by world-renowned chef and he will be offering “affordable glamour.” Included in the restaurant will be a bar for non residents of the hotel which will have a regionally inspired menu.

Marco Pierre White was the first chef to be dubbed a celebrity chef and was at the time the youngest chef to receive three Michelin stars and is considered the Godfather of modern cooking.

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