Launch a Pop-up Restaurant in your Own Home

How does the thought of launching a restaurant in your home and inviting strangers to dine there sound? It certainly doesn’t sound very appealing to most of us at QuoteSearcher.

However, with the recession and understanding that people don’t have to be a top chef to produce quality food, the popularity of home run restaurants has increased in the UK.

Home restaurants may sound like a reality TV show such as come dine with me or dinner date, but an increasing number of people are actually doing this in real life, which is creating excitement across the country.

Home restaurants are also known as pop-up restaurants, because they are usually temporary and can turn up anywhere. Because of the secrecy around home restaurants, some people also call them ‘underground restaurants’. Home restaurants appeal to anyone who enjoys good company, good food and likes to explore new dining experiences.

No one knows how home restaurants first started, however, the idea might have developed from Cuban paladares (the name given to small, family run restaurants, which the Cuban socialist government allows families to open in exchange for very high taxes). Home restaurants are cheap to run as people can avoid paying rent, buying restaurant insurance and hiring staff.

What to expect at a home restaurant?

Finding a home restaurant can be hard as they aren’t obviously advertised or heavily promoted, which is understandable if they are held in someone’s house. News about a home restaurant event is usually spread through word of mouth, or hosts may advertise on their blog, website or by using social networking sites such Twitter, Facebook or through their circles on Google+.

If you want to attend a home restaurant event, you’ll need to apply for an invitation as most hosts have an ‘invitation only system’ as they are unable to cope with the high numbers of people wanting to visit.

If you are one of the lucky people who receives an invite, you should expect a set menu with little or even no choice of dishes. However, before attending, guests are usually made aware of the type of food served, so there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises!

A very social event

Home restaurants are very social events and may be quite intimidating for people who are shy. They are usually set in one room with one large table or a few tables placed close together, so you will probably be sat next to a stranger. However, the atmosphere is relaxed and conversation usually flows as everyone is eating the same food at the same time.

Have you ever been to a home restaurant event, if not, does it tempt you?

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