I scream, you scream, we all scream for vanilla and raspberry swirl ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream, especially a homemade vanilla and raspberry swirl. Well, it’s the weekend and the sun is out, which makes it a perfect time to dig out and make use of your ice cream maker!

However, do not worry if you don’t have one of these gadgets, we’ll tell you how to make homemade ice cream and keep cool without needing a machine (although it will take longer).

To make the vanilla ice cream you’ll need the following ingredients-

4 large egg yolks, 1 vanilla pod, 300ml of full fat milk, 1 tablespoon of cornflour, 300ml double cream, 15g glucose (dextrose powder) available in larger supermarkets, 70g caster sugar and 1 vanilla pod.

The ingredients you’ll need for the raspberry sorbet include, juice from 1 lemon, 75g caster sugar, 200ml water, 75g glucose (dextrose powder) and 250g raspberries (plus extra for serving).

1.    Start of by mixing and dissolving the sugar, water and glucose in a pan over a low heat, boiling for 3 minutes. Pour the mixture in a blender once it’s cooled at room temperature, add the lemon juice and raspberries and whizz until it’s pureed and sieve it over a bowl.

2.    Next, discard the pips then churn the mixture into the ice cream maker. If you don’t have a machine you can use the ‘still freeze’ method, which is putting the mix into a mixing bowl into the freezer. During the freezing process, take it out and mix it with a hand mixer.

3.    Meanwhile, remove the seeds from the vanilla pod and put it in a pan to heat with the milk. The remove the pod and put it aside. Then put the cornflour, sugar, eggs and glucose into a bowl, whisk and blend in the milk. Put the mixture back into the pan on a low heat and stir until it thickens slightly. Then put it aside to cool.

4.    Once cooled, put the mixture into a bowl and whip in the cream. Put the mixture into the ice cream maker and churn (or still freeze) as before.

5.    Combine the mixture with the sorbet and freeze overnight.

This recipe will serve between 6-8 so it’s perfect for families or dinner parties. When serving, add a few raspberries on the side for decoration.

It’s summer time so treat yourself to this fruity ice cream. It’s simple to follow and you don’t need to be a top chef with restaurant insurance to cook up this dessert!

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