Have you tried Short Date Shopping Sites?

Everyone is trying to save money nowadays in these hard economic times, some of us have been choosing alternative brands to which we normally go for, or even cutting out a specific type of food altogether.

Approvedfood.co.uk a short date shopping site, suggested that their customers have saved a massive £3.9 million in 2011 by buying food at a fraction of the supermarket and RRPs.

Short date shopping sites claim that they can slash your shopping bill by up to 60% by buying food that are close or past their best before date.

The food that short date shoppers buy is fine to eat as the best before date refers to the quality of the food rather than the safety and are usually good for a few more months.

In our other blog posts we’ve talked about food waste. These short date shoppers help reduce the UK’s edible food waste. The average household bins have £680 worth of groceries every year.

A food safety expert from the Government’s Food Standards Agency, Bob Martin, says, “There is some flexibility when it comes to best before dates and how you interpret them.

“The use-by date is the most important date on a food label as this relates to safety, so you must stick to that. In contrast, the best before date provides a guide to the quality of the food.

“So food may have changed in terms of texture, taste or colour, but is unlikely to pose a great health risk.”

Boss of Approvedfood.co.uk started selling the food past its best before date 10 years ago. He says, “When we started we had a market stall where mums would buy out-of-date food for themselves. Then once they realised it was good, they’d buy it for the whole family.

“By the time we set the website up things were starting to take off and in the past three years, as the recession hit, we’ve noticed a massive rise in interest, from all types of shoppers and economic groups.”

Approvedfood.co.uk also sells other products like toiletries and gifts.

Have you tried short date shopping sites? Let us know at QuoteSearcher how you found it!

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