Gordon Ramsay Opens Bread Street Kitchen…Finally

Gordon Ramsay’s latest restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen, opened to the public this week, after what has been almost a year’s delay.

The luxurious, swanky £5 million all day restaurant is located near St Paul’s Cathedral, deep in the heart of our capital city, and just a stone’s throw from Jamie Oliver’s popular eatery, Barbecoa.

Mr Ramsay made sure he was there to witness the opening of his latest venture as he flew in from South Africa. Upon the opening of his restaurant, Ramsay was quoted saying that he promises all his customers a sense of “real theatre.” He then went on to say: “I’m a huge fan of what they do in New York. There they do things big and brash and they do it brilliantly.”

The restaurant offers diners a range of meals from a special Bread Street “English” for breakfast, a quick stone bass carpaccio with avocado, horseradish, ginger, honey and wakame for a lunch time treat at the raw counter, which sounds intriguing, or diners can enjoy a king crab cocktail and Bread Street short rib burger in the evening with a relaxing bottle of wine from the reportedly extensive wine list.

The opening evening saw some 350 people eat at the stylish restaurant, but not all customers were overwhelmed due to an allegedly poor service. Reports of 40 minute waits between courses and, in one particular case, a walkout, somewhat marred what was, on the whole, a resounding success.

Two happy customers, despite the poor service were Dylan Murphy and girlfriend Susan Shields. Mr Murphy commented: “The food was absolutely amazing but the service was shocking. We had to order the wine five times before they brought it.” Whilst Ms Shields said: “It’s their first night and there are some teething problems, but that’s part of the fun. You don’t expect it to be perfect on day one.”

The customers who walked out were Beverly and Mark Rabone. Mrs Rabone has said: “We booked the table for 10pm and when it got to 10.40pm we decided not to bother. The staff were lovely and the place looks great, but I don’t think they’ve got their act together yet.”

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Gordon Ramsay stated: “As with all new openings it takes a week or so for the team to settle in but we’re in great shape and thrilled at the early reactions to the food and the room.”

So it seems that Gordon Ramsay’s latest restaurant adventure has, on the whole, pleased and impressed. With so many restaurants now open in London, one begins to wonder whether Mr Ramsay receives discounted rates on his commercial restaurant insurance. One thing is for sure however, Bread Street Kitchen will go from strength to strength, especially once they have ironed out their teething issues and fine tuned their service.

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