Fast Food to Become Faster

McDonald’s Europe hopes to shave three to four seconds off each of their transactions by allowing customers to order their burgers on screen and pay by simply swiping their Visa cards via the Visa Paywave system. The fast food chain wants to make their fast food faster by deploying touch screen kiosks across its 7000 European outlets which will be the start of a very expensive process in terms of bringing in the new technology and also the restaurant insurance. Not only will more money pass though to McDonald’s, it will also enhance McDonald’s data on what customers like to eat and record their ordering behaviour and trends.

In a published review, the president of McDonald’s Europe, Steve Easterbrook stated that “Ordering food has not changed for 30 or 40 years”. The whole idea of the change is to make ordering food at McDonald’s more efficient, easier and quicker for customers.

Could this be the end of cashiers working in McDonalds? Thankfully not, as the fast food chain also wants to introduce waiters with handheld terminals to take additional orders from customers. They also need staff to maintain the upkeep and presentation of the restaurants as well as make sure customers know how to use the touch screen kiosks.

KFC are already trialling touch screens in their fast food restaurants. However, they have no plans to expand their touch screens throughout Europe just yet. The other top fast food restaurant, Burger King do not have current plans for touch screen kiosks to be featured in their restaurants, however they are currently trialling the Visa Paywave with an outlook to roll out more in the future. In other fast food technology news, Burger King is also trialling SoundTube pods in one of their branches.

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