Chinese Stir-Fry takes over Chicken Tikka Masala as Britain’s Favourite Dish

Stir FryA new survey revealed that Tikka masala has been ousted as Britain’s favourite dish by Chinese stir-fry.

The simple Cantonese dish, which is typically full of fresh noodles and vegetables, is now the most frequently cooked meal in the UK.

1 in 5 of us in Britain now have stir-fry at least once a week, with its main appeal being that it’s much easier to prepare than traditional British cuisine, as the average stir-fry only taking a few minutes to cook up.

Families are now choosing international cuisine over British dishes 3 out of the 7 nights a week.

Asian food has become increasingly popular in the UK and is now part of Britain’s staple diet as 9 out of 10 Briton’s favourite international meals are Asian.

The recent study questioned 2,000 British people on their favourite international dishes and foods and was carried out by Food Network UK. It was also revealed that noodles and sushi are now cooked as much as more traditional dishes like potatoes and spaghetti.

Half of Britons also say that traditional British dishes such as fish and chips, sausages and mash and cottage pie are boring, which may be because we have become more accustomed to exotic spices.

Unsurprisingly, over a quarter of us now eat more Japanese, Thai and Chinese food, more than we did 10 years ago.

The survey also suggests that it’s a trend which is likely to carry on growing, with a third of parents saying their children are more open and adventurous to trying new foods than they are.

Managing Director of Food Network EMEA, Nick Thorogood said, “Our research shows British palettes have changed and we now have a penchant for exotic tastes across the globe.

“It would have been unheard of for a typical family to tuck in to regular evening meals originating from Thailand or Japan a decade or so ago.

“But now it is considered normal to be swapping a Cottage Pie for a Thai Green Curry.

“It is interesting to see nine out of the top ten international meals we regularly eat are Asian dishes.

“It shows that what were once considered exotic dishes are now considered everyday cuisine and we are becoming masters of the wok.

“It is encouraging to hear children are experimenting with food from different cultures from an early age and are not afraid to try different flavours.”

Many restaurant owners, international suppliers, restaurant insurance providers and other people in the food industry are happy about the recent survey, as it shows that British people are open to eating different types of food, bringing potential new business to the tables.

Here is the top ten list of favourite international food:

1. Chinese stir-fry – now eaten ‘regularly’ by 55 per cent
2. Chicken tikka masala – 39 per cent
3. Sweet and sour chicken – 37 per cent
4. Thai green curry – 24 per cent
5. King prawns – 23 per cent
6. Beef choi mein – 19 per cent
7. Lemon chicken – 16 per cent
8. Thai red curry – 15 per cent
9. Szechuan noodles – 15 per cent
10. Peking duck – 14 per cent

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