Burger King Release 708 Calorie Lamb Burger

One of the largest fast food chains in the country, Burger King, has released a new lamb burger. They were hoping it would be adopted as a healthier alternative to the beef burger, but the combination of the various ingredients has made it one of the highest calorie meals on the menu.

While this burger appears to be the only lamb burger on offer in the major fast food chains, it is not expected to be produced indefinitely. This is because the price of lamb meat has considerably increased over the last few years. Despite this fact, Burger King have been pushing the sales of this burger with adverts featuring the phrase, “1st Time Ever” and its release coincides with the Easter season where lamb is the popular meat to eat.  It is also possible they have added lamb burgers to the menu as many upscale, trendy restaurants have been serving it for a while. With this in mind, aspiring restaurateurs may choose to follow suit when they design their own menu after purchasing their own building, complete with UK restaurant insurance.

The main distinguishing feature of this new burger is not the lamb meat but the flat bread it is enveloped in. The rosemary flatbread alone is 287 calories, combined with the 357 calorie lamb meat, 40 calories of mint yoghurt sauce, and the remaining calories being made up of salad vegetables and chilli ketchup. Surprisingly, McDonald’s Big Mac has fewer calories (490) despite it being loaded with three slices of bread and two beef burgers.

Of all the burgers supplied by Burger King, their hamburger is the lowest calorie burger with just 284. You would need to eat more than two of these in order to match the calories consumed from one lamb flatbread burger. Followed by the Hamburger, is the 325 calorie Cheeseburger, a Bacon Double Cheeseburger with 495, the Veggie burger with 590, the Chicken Royale has 608 and the Whopper has 651 calories.

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