Buddies – A Slice of America

Today we bring you another one of our restaurant reviews as we took time last weekend to eat out in a traditional American Diner – Buddies in Northampton.

Buddies has a fantastic reputation for being a fun, lively and upbeat hamburger joint. And it did not disappoint! Far from it in fact.

Upon entering, my colleague and I were greeted with a warm, smiley face before then being shown to our seats. At this point I must mention that it is advisable to book on a Friday or Saturday as it does get very busy! And upon being handed the menu it is easy to see why it gets so busy; there are over 50 juicy, succulent burgers to choose from. Making your mind up about what to eat really does take some time.

Buddies also offer a whole range of other food if burgers aren’t your thing. For example, BBQ ribs, pasta, steak, fried chicken and sandwiches amongst many others. There are hundreds of meal choices on the menu, so we decided to get stuck in; and yep, we went straight for a Buddies burger.

I went for a “Sloppy Joe” which consists of cheese, bacon, and hot rib sauce, and might I add, it was fantastic! I honestly cannot remember a tastier burger. The rib sauce and melted cheese were drizzled delightfully between the bun, bacon and burger which made for a messy eat, but an indulgent one at that. It didn’t take long to demolish it, and then I set about mopping up the rib sauce that had managed to ooze onto my plate with my homemade chips. After seeing off the rest of my meal I then reclined in my shiny, red American sofa to reflect on what was an incredible meal!

Meanwhile, my colleague went for the “Charlie Brown”. This consisted of peanut butter and cheese. Personally, I’m not a fan of peanut butter, but my colleague informed me that her burger was “cooked to perfection”, in her own words, and that the peanut butter worked well with the melted cheese making it a delicious delight for the palate.

Accompanying our meals we had a traditional America milkshake each. Both of which, we believe, were made with fresh ice cream. They certainly tasted like they were at least!

After our huge burgers, we were, understandably defeated, and thus unable to order a dessert.

Along with the fantastic food, Buddies’ decor also captures the heart of America. There are figurines of famous American comic book heroes, such as Batman and Spiderman, along with The Simpsons memorabilia and quirky road signs splashed around the place. You can also find iconic pictures of famous faces dotted around the walls, which provide good fun whilst waiting for your meal as you can try to identify as many as possible.

All in all, Buddies provided some great fun along with an extremely satisfying, and tasty, wholesome meal. With rising restaurant insurance costs amidst an economic crisis, let’s hope Buddies can keep their cashflow positive, and to be honest, with the show they put on, along with the tremendous food, I doubt they will have any problems! I highly recommend this place, and I know I will be returning soon.

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