Biggest Ever Restaurant Plans for McDonalds in 2012

Fast food restaurant chain, McDonalds will be the only branded food retailer feeding athletes at the London Olympics. In 2012, they will be the official restaurant for the ninth consecutive time at the Olympic Games.

Before the Games start, the global fast food chain plans to build a two-storey, 3,000-square-metre McDonald’s restaurant in Stratford, East London at the Olympic site. The huge restaurant will overshadow all of their other 32,000 McDonalds around the world.

However, this mega McDonald’s restaurant will be one of four on the Olympic site, including one McDonalds restaurant located in the athlete’s village.

The Olympics and Paralympics Games will be held over four weeks and McDonald’s is expected to serve thousands of their famous Big Macs and French fries during this time.

This venture will have an impact on the local economy by encouraging more people to eat out, purchasing supplies, equipment, restaurant insurance and providing more jobs in the local area. The fast food outlet will be hiring over 470 staff to serve the fast food during the 4 weeks of the Olympic Games.

McDonald’s UK profits are looking beefy as a strong rise in demand for its food from existing and new customers, drove their profits by more than one-third in 2010.

In the UK, the fast food restaurant chain has approximately 1,200 restaurants, which served over 80 million more customers last year.

More than 400 McDonalds in the UK operate a 24 hour service at least one day a week and around 80% of its restaurants are open from 6am. The longer opening hours has helped and pushed more sales for the global giant.

McDonald’s UK recorded pre-tax profits up 38% to £157m in the 12 months to December, on sales up 5% to £1.2 billion. The fast food chain says that they served 25 million more punters in the first quarter of 2011.

Today, McDonalds will be revealing details of its London 2012 sponsorship and publicising further deals of its ventures.

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