A New Huge Restaurant to Beat the UK’s Current Largest Restaurant

Ahead of a planned nationwide roll-out of its brand, Za Za Bazaar is preparing to open its largest restaurant in the UK, which claims to be the UK’s largest restaurant!

The restaurant will seat just under 1,000 people and oust the current restaurant who owns the unofficial title of the largest restaurant in the UK, Cosmo, which is based in Croydon.

Cosmo was mentioned in one of QuoteSearcher’s previous blog posts when they came under fire for charging parents £3 to seat babies at their tables, even though they were still being breastfed and not eating any food.

Za Za Bazaar, opens its huge restaurant this week, on Bristol’s Harbourside on 1st December.

Similarly to Cosmo, the restaurant will be a pan-global buffet concept, with foods based around South America, India, China, Japan, Europe and the Far East.

The restaurant was originally going to seat 700 people, but the management made the decision to serve food in the bar area as well, bringing the number of seats up to 985, with additional seating outside as well.

The head chef of Za Za Bazaar is Nitin Bhatnagar, who will be in charge of 35 specialist chefs as they cook fresh food in an open kitchen in front of customers, which is quite unusual for a buffet style restaurant.

Bhatnagar hopes to hire more chefs and roll out up to six more Za Za Bazaar restaurants and cover them with UK restaurant insurance, within a year, hopefully after their Bristol launch. A spokesperson told BigHospitality, “Za Za Bazaar plans to roll out an additional five or six restaurants over the next 12 months in locations including UK university cities and towns, high footfall areas, town centres and potentially leisure parks.”

The interior design of Za Za Bazaar will be designed by branding company, Mystery, who said that the multi-cultural concept will be a huge challenge.

Mystery’s founder, Dan Einzig, said “The project has been the equivalent – in terms of workload – of designing six restaurants.

“The biggest challenge turned out to be logistical – resourcing all the design detailing, finding the time to create a plethora of illuminated signage, lighting themes and large-scale street-art that populates the space – as our mission was to open by the beginning of December, which gave us the same amount of time as a normal size restaurant that we’d design.”

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