A helping Hand in the Kitchen with a Smart Fridge

FridgeThe LG Smart Manager fridge has been described as “your own Nigella Lawson” has been revealed at an electronics show in Las Vegas.

The fridge that can order your shopping and turn on the oven, will go on sale in the UK this year and can be yours for around £2,000.

The smart fridge has an internet connection which allows it to download recipes and has a large LCD touch screen and camera.

LG, who revealed the new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, hopes that the fridge will link up to online shopping websites and services such as Ocado. Dr Scott On from LG said, “This transforms the appliance into a food management system.”

Those who get their hands on this smart fridge, can record food items as they are placed in the fridge by scanning barcodes or by describing the item which is picked up by a voice recognition technology, or a shopping receipt with a scanner on the door of the fridge.

The fridge can automatically add food to a user’s online shopping account when stocks are running low. Hopefully it can also just be monitored rather than automatically adding things onto the shopping list!

Accounts can be set up for each member of the family, which also recognises special dietary requirements, gender, age and body mass index. As well as suggest recipes based on the ingredients inside the fridge, it can compile shopping lists for people based on their favourite foods.

Once the user has chosen the recipe, the fridge can turn the oven on using a wireless internet connection and set the correct temperature and timer.

You’ll also be able to see what’s inside your fridge when you’re not at home, via the fridge’s camera and using your mobile phone, which could be handy if you’ve left your shopping list at home.

The fridge has a ‘blast-chiller’ drawer which swirls chilled air to prevent ice crystals from forming and can also chill a beer can in five minutes and a bottle of wine in eight minutes.

Here at QuoteSearcher, we think it’s a nice idea, but it’s very expensive for a fridge and none of us would actually buy enough ingredients for the fridge to be able to come up with recipes. We may be swayed if the fridge would actually do the cooking for us….! What do you think?

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