A bad review for Lady Gaga’s Restaurant

Lady GAGAItalian restaurant ‘Joanne Trattoria’, which is owned by Lady Gaga’s parents has been criticised by top restaurant critic who called the waiters ‘clueless’ and described the food as ‘unspeakably fatty’.

The New York Post’s savage critic, Steve Cuozzo, put down the restaurant for serving ‘shellfish pasta similar to airplane food’ and ‘calamari like leather’.

All press had been banned from the opening night of the restaurant, but Cuozzo still managed to get a table at the restaurant and wrote an article afterwards entitled ‘You’ll Gag on the Food at Gaga’s’.

He said, “You don’t expect a brand-new eatery to be running on all cylinders, but Joanne, owned by the pop superstar’s parents, last night was running mainly on acrid-smelling burnt vinegar wafting intermittently through the raucous dining room.”

He criticised about the appetisers that took 50 min to arrive and also the “unspeakably fatty veal osso bucco” which he said was overpriced at $38 (around £24).

A lifelong dream

Despite the criticism, it hasn’t stopped the family from being excited about the restaurant opening, after finally hiring staff, taking out restaurant insurance, decorating the restaurant and putting the final menu together.

Joseph, Lady Gaga’s father, told the New York’s Daily News yesterday: “This has been a lifelong dream, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally happening.”

The Italian menu features recipes from Lady Gaga and also Lady Gaga’s grandmother, whom the restaurant was named after.

Meals at the restaurant include, Zucchini Fritters, Tomato Fennel Soup, Chopped Antipasti Salad, Wood Fired Focaccia, Papa Joe’s Chicken, Grandma Ronnie’s Meatballs and Six Layer Lasagna.

The menu was created by Mr. Smith, who worked for Oprah Winfrey in 2007 and cooked for Lady Gaga on the Oprah show a while back as well.

“This is truly a collaborative effort, inspired by the Germanotta’s family love of food and family,” Joseph told the Daily News.

“Everything from the menu to the decor has a bit of their family in it. It’s why everything is so warm and approachable.”

However, the restaurant decor doesn’t exactly match Lady Gaga’s style which you see in the press; it has warm coloured painted walls, leather booths, wooden tables and open brick walls.

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