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Why use QuoteSearcher for Public Hire Insurance?

Public hire taxis – such as black cabs or hackney carriages – differ from private hire services in that they are immediately available to customers on the street. They can be hailed at any time and must display a ‘Taxi’ sign when on duty.

Due to the nature of public hire taxi services, such as times of operation and the potential for unruly customers, the risk to the driver in increased. In this case, it is imperative that a detailed insurance policy that not only protects the driver and his/her vehicle from all eventualities but is also affordable and convenient. QuoteSearcher can offer taxi insurance coverage via a selection of specialist brokers who understand the nature of your business.

If you are looking for taxi insurance quotes, and don’t want the hassle of working your way through hundreds of brokers, fill in the QuoteSearcher form today for a call back from an expert.

Public Hire Policy Features

Liability cover

Protects you from claims made against you by passengers or members of the public. Find out more about Liability Cover.

Breakdown Cover

Covers the cost of roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. Find out more about Breakdown Insurance.

Legal Expenses

Cover for the cost of legal representation or compensation costs. Find out more about Legal Expense Insurance for public hire taxis.

Any Driver Policy

Cover of multiple drivers for the same vehicle, as with taxi or minicab fleets. Find out more about Any Driver Taxi Insurance

Public Hire vs Private Hire Taxis

Public hire taxis are able to be hailed from the street and must carry an identifiable taxi sign that lights up when in service and is turned off when a passenger is on board. This differs from private hire taxi services, who are not allowed to display a taxi light and journeys must have been previously booked.

Car insurance for taxi drivers is usually more expensive; this is because of the unpredictable nature of passengers who hail you from the street. Public hire cars often work in city centres and during unsociable hours, which can mean passengers that are inebriated and more likely to cause damage or create a dangerous situation for themselves or their driver.

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Reducing You Public Hire Insurance Premium

The average cost of taxi insurance could be decreased depending on a number of factors. The type of car you use as a taxi can influence the price; there are 50 groups with cars in the highest group influencing a far higher premium than those lower down the list. These groupings are based on factors such as fuel economy, cost and ease of repairs, and vehicle value. Choosing a less expensive vehicle will result in cheaper premiums.

You can also encourage a lower premium by driving safely and doing your best to avoid conditions that could result in damage or accidents. If you stay within the law and drive carefully, you can build up a clean driving record. This will build up your no claims discount and many insurers offer a significant discount in price (some up to 30%) if you protect that bonus. Also, the longer you have held your taxi badge, the more likely you are to get a lower price as your experience will be noted.

Renewing my taxi insurance used to be a right headache, but with QuoteSearcher the process was a breeze and I saved over £250!

Bill Robinson - Bromley

Insuring a taxi with QuoteSearcher is so easy! I filled out one simple form and they did the rest for me, saving me time and money.

Lee Pierce - Twickenham