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"After searching for hours on the internet I finally came across QuoteSearcher who's partners provided me with excellent quotes far better than I had received from anyone else."Neil Heron - Virginia Water, Surrey
"I was delighted with the quotes I received from QuoteSearcher. I ended up making a saving of £300 on my insurance!"Nick Baker - Chorley, Lancashire

Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

Even if you only spend a few hours a month working on other people’s cars it is of the utmost importance that you protect yourself using a part time motor trade insurance policy as if something goes wrong it could cost thousands of pounds to fix. Getting a quote for your part time motor trade insurance policy couldn’t be simpler – all it takes is for you to fill in our simple online quote form!

Why Use QuoteSearcher?

  • One stop solution for all your insurance needs
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  • If you are a car, motorcycle or van enthusiast then you have probably worked with a vehicle at one point or another. However, many of those that spend their free time working with vehicles have other occupations meaning that they do not require a full time motor trade insurance policy. At QuoteSearcher we work with a number of specialist brokers who provide part time motor trade insurance at competitive prices.

    There are a number of part time motor trade occupations such as those that buy, restore or modify cars and then sell them on at a profit. Most people who do this often sell only a small number of vehicles per year and so paying for a standard motor trade insurance policy could eat into their profits.

  • At QuoteSearcher we are often asked whether a customer is applicable for part time motor trade insurance and the simple answer to this question is yes – only if you work with vehicles on a part time basis. Being part time generally means that you work with vehicles as a hobby or as a secondary occupation, so those that work in a mechanics as their main occupation even for a few days a week would be better applying for a comprehensive motor trade insurance policy.

    One of the easiest ways to find out what type of motor trade insurance policy is right for you is to fill out our online form and have our specialist brokers contact you with more information. Each of our partners have worked in the motor trade insurance industry for a number of years, making them experts at providing the right type of cover for each customer.

  • If you only work in the motor trade industry part time you probably won’t want to spend hours filling in motor trade insurance quote forms, which is why at QuoteSearcher we only ask our customers to provide essential information. When filling out our form you also have the choice to tell us the best quote you have received so far and the ideal time to contact you so that our brokers can provide everything you need.

    Even if you only have a few minutes make sure you fill in our online quote form today to find the best part time motor trade insurance policy for you!