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"After searching for hours on the internet I finally came across QuoteSearcher who's partners provided me with excellent quotes far better than I had received from anyone else."Neil Heron - Virginia Water, Surrey
"I was delighted with the quotes I received from QuoteSearcher. I ended up making a saving of £300 on my insurance!"Nick Baker - Chorley, Lancashire

Finding the Right Motor Trade Policy

When buying a motor trade insurance policy it’s essential that you get the appropriate cover for your business, which is why at QuoteSearcher we work with a number of specialist brokers to help find our customers the right type of motor trade insurance.

Here you will find more information on the different types of motor trade insurance policies our partners provide and how they can benefit your business as well as help you save money. We can even help those that have previously struggled to find a suitable traders policy thanks to our expert partners.

Why Use QuoteSearcher?

  • One stop solution for all your insurance needs
  • No need to shop around to find the best deal
  • Only deal with UK leading insurers
  • Each policy can be adapted in order to cover traders who work with cars, motorcycles or vans, meaning that you will never be restricted by your cover. Furthermore, as QuoteSearcher works with a large number of specialist brokers our customers can choose from a number of policies in order to get the best price available.

    Motor trade insurance covers a large number of professions and so needs to be comprehensive enough to cover each individual customer. At the same time, it’s important that your insurance policy is tailored to your needs otherwise you could find yourself paying for something that isn’t right for you!

  • In order to decide what type of motor trade policy you need think about the type of services you offer and the risks you are most likely to encounter. For example, if you own a business it’s highly likely that you will perform your tasks in a work premises which means you need to make sure you are protected from damages that can be caused by other employees.

    On the other hand if you are a valet it’s unlikely you will be working with mechanical parts, yet scratches or damages to the bodywork are more common. It’s these things that our specialist brokers take into consideration when finding a policy that accommodates your needs!

  • As QuoteSearcher’s partners specialise in finding tailor-made insurance policies you may think that applying for a quote will take a long time. However, at QuoteSearcher we understand that filling out lengthy quote forms is extremely frustrating, and so we only require our customers to fill out one simple online form.

    If you want to know more about the types of policies our partners offer then make sure you fill out our online quote form and our brokers will contact you with the best policies and prices for you!