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Why QuoteSearcher for Office Insurance?

Running or managing an office requires a certain level of insurance that exceeds the standards offered by buildings and contents policies. Insurance for office space will need to cover the building, equipment inside, and the people that work there, making it a safe working environment for everyone.

Business insurance policies will cover the existential aspects of running a business, but your office will need further protection against things like fire, damage, and theft, as well as liability cover for employees and members of the public.

Office Insurance Policy Features

Employers’ Liability

This protects you regarding claims made against you as the employer by members of staff. Find out more about Employers’ Liability.

Public Liability

Offers cover for claims made against you by third parties such as members of the public and visitors. Learn more about Public Liability.


Buildings and Contents

Covers the cost of your property and contents in the event of theft, fire or flood damage. Read more about Buildings and Contents Insurance.

Business Interruption

If your office becomes unusable and you need to close down your business, this will cover the lost income. Find out more about Business Interruption Insurance.

Office Renter Insurance

There are three areas that need to be covered as part of your office insurance policy – the premises and its equipment, the staff who work there, and the business itself. Each one of the three requires its own set of policy features if you are to be fully protected against all possibilities.

Premises Insurance

Your actual bricks and mortar location will often the hub of operations for your business. We recommend the following coverage for your Premises Insurance:

  • Buildings Insurance
    This is recommended in case of an event that would leave the building in a state of disrepair. A fire, flooding, of electrical damage would result in a dangerous working environment and even a stop to business. Office buildings insurance will pay out the cost of repairing whatever damage has been caused to the overall structure of the building itself
  • Contents Insurance
    Equipment such as computers, POS systems, desks and office chairs, electronic whiteboards etc, are mission-critical to a lot of businesses. In the event of fire/water damage or theft, you will need to have everything replaced quickly in order to carry on working smoothly. With contents insurance, those costs will be covered so you can return to normal without delay

Public and Employer Liability

Your staff have the right to a safe and healthy working environment when they come to the office each day, and there are a number of ways you can ensure that, least of all by putting in place Liability Insurance for your employees.

  • Employers’ Liability Insurance
    This is an integral part of running an office. Business owners are required by law to have employers’ liability insurance in place, and not having a policy of this type can result in fines of up to £2500 per day. Employers’ liability insurance will cover the medical, legal and compensation costs that can arise from claims made by employees against you. Not only will injury or illness cause them to be out of work and therefore out of pocket, but if will detrimentally affect the running of your business, so it is in everyone’s interests to make sure this policy is effective.
  • Public Liability Insurance
    The average office can be visited by any number of different people – from guests and visitors to the business, contractors, workmen, or customers. It is important that, should any accident or injury happen to them, you are covered against any potential claims made against you. Slipping on a splash of coffee in the kitchen, to an electric shock from poorly wired computers can lead injury and, even if it is an accident, you would be held liable and could end up forking out a significant amount.

Business Cover

When it comes to your office, the needs of the business are more than likely at the forefront of your mind. If, for any reason, your office is not able to be used for a period of time, you will experience loss of income and large pay outs, that’s what Business Insurance is for.

  • Business Interruption
    During times when your office is not operational, you will still be expected to pay staff, as well as the costs of bringing your building back to a usable standard. Business interruption insurance guarantees you an income during this time, which can be a lifeline during times of instability. This feature is highly recommended, as your customers and staff will expect certain levels to be upheld even with extenuating circumstances
  • Money Cover
    Although a lot of business-critical transactions take place online nowadays, there are some businesses that keep cash onsite for any number of reasons. In the event of a theft of this money, your business needs to have it replaced as soon as possible which is where money cover comes in

Frequently Asked Questions about Office Insurance

    • If I do not have an office alarm, will I be able to get insured?
      Yes, even if you do not have an office alarm fitted, this should still be fine for most insurers. However, having an alarm may help to reduce the premiums you will pay for your office insurance policy, and so it may indeed be worth investing in an alarm. The better your security, the lower your premiums are likely to be.
    • If I rent the premises where my office is based, will I still be able to get insurance?
      Yes, most insurers will still be happy to provide you with an office insurance quote. If your office is a rented premises then it should not, therefore, affect an attempt to insure your office.
    • What different types of cover are available?
      When insuring your office, you will need buildings insurance, contents insurance, fixtures and fittings cover, shop front cover (if you own a retail store), and stock cover, amongst others that different insurers may offer. Office insurance policies can be tailored to fit your needs.
    • Why would it be beneficial to use QuoteSearcher to find me a quote?
      We do the hard work for you. Instead of trawling through quote after quote, filling your details in a number of times, we will instead process your details and submit them to a number of insurers in order to find you the best deal out there! Hassle free, and all you have to do is fill out one form. You will then receive a quote for your office insurance needs.
    • What mininum level of security must my office have?
      The details of this will be included in the details of the policy. Usually, however, an intruder alarm may be needed. A high level of security may also help to reduce the amount you pay for your office insurance and so it may prove beneficial to invest in some effective security measures.
    • What is All Risks cover?
      This is cover for your contents or equipment away from the office premises, such as laptops you may need to take with you when visiting a client for example. This can be a handy addition to basic office insurance.
    • Why do I need office insurance?
      It is vital you insure your office in order to protect you and your staff. Office insurance must be tailored to your specific requirements and can be added on to your business insurance policy. Public liability insurance will enable you to meet your liabilities to members of the public who are injured in your office, while employers liability insurance will cover you for injuries to employees while they are working for you.
    • Is there a maximum number of staff I can employ?
      If there was, it would be explicitly outlined in your policy, however most, if not all, office insurance providers will not have a limit.
    • If I want to increase my level of cover, will I be able to?
      At renewal, certainly. Otherwise, provided you meet the acceptance criteria, then yes it should be fine at any time to increase the level of cover you have for your office insurance.

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