Would you Ride in a Black Cab with Kasabian, Calvin Harris or Katy B

It seems that advertising on and in iconic London black cabs will be the choice for the second biggest record music company in the world, Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd (Sony Music).

Sony Music is introducing a new advertising campaign on taxis in Central London from 5th September 2011. One hundred cabbies will be promoting singles and new albums from artists including Katy B, Foo Fighters, Kasabian, Calvin Harris, Vaccines and other popular pop stars under the Columbia record label.

Each of the cabs will have the artwork of each artist’s album plastered on the body of the cabs to promote and publicise their music.

Out of Home International (OOH International), who has worked with many other entertainment brands has teamed up with Columbia to come up with their innovative advertising campaign.

Not only will the cabs have the musicians art work on the black cabs they will also be insured with cab insurance so once inside, passengers will be able to listen to tracks from the artist’s albums.

Managing director of OOH International, John Kehoe, said “Out of Home International were very excited to team up with Columbia to introduce this innovative use of Taxi Advertising. The taxi drivers are proud to be brand ambassadors of Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd, and were eager to have the new music on board to play to their passengers.”

Commuters, tourists, late night revellers and other passengers will be able to enjoy a taxi ride while listening to the promoted music artist. They will also be able to enter a competition to win a tote bag using a QR code, visiting the Columbia website or texting a number. Columbia hopes that this will encourage further engagement with the passengers and generate more traffic to their website.

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