Woman gives birth… in the back of a taxi?!

Baby and family road signMost taxi drivers have had their fair share of characters in the back of their cab, but we bet few can rival taxi driver Jeff Morgan’s passengers, which involved one very unexpected visitor, eager to get out even before the vehicle had stopped…

Pamela McGinley was the subject of an unfortunate event in the back of a taxi when she gave birth just minutes away from the hospital in Scotland. She had called her sister to come over and look after her 2 year old Teagan after experiencing contractions, however she was late by half an hour due to a wrong turn during her journey. Pamela was then subsequently delayed, and by the time her taxi was pulling off the M8 to get to the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital, her waters had already broken.

However, the situation was kept under control due to the calm behaviour of Jeff, Pamela herself and her husband Peter. By the time the couple reached the hospital, staff were well prepared to take both baby and mother in safely. But the situation all happened so fast, Pamela remarked that she didn’t actually get to know the sex of the baby until half an hour after the birth!

Taxi driver Jeff started driving for the Glasgow based taxi company ‘West End Radio Cars’ just eight weeks ago, but said he managed to stay calm and just concentrated on driving, drawing upon his experience driving his daughter to the hospital three years ago. Moreover, when the car pulled up to the A & E centre at the hospital, both Jeff and Pamela’s husband Peter were quick to alert staff to the situation, allowing for the safety of both mother and child.

Jeff was said to be shaken up by the ordeal but it was nothing a cup of tea couldn’t remedy, and after the new baby had been delivered safe and sound he even posed for a picture with the family and their newly named Liam. We know that not having your taxi maintained properly can invalidate your taxi insurance, but we bet Jeff didn’t expect to be doing baby maintenance on the move!

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