Vodafone team up with London’s Black Cabs to offer free Mobile Charging

As part of a £10 million advertising campaign, over 500 black taxis in London have been installed with phone chargers by Vodafone. The campaign is to plug the major improvements that the company has made to its mobile coverage in London.

The Chief Executive of Vodafone UK, Guy Laurence explained that Vodafone had made “hundreds of improvements” to increase its reliability and capacity of its London network. This is great news for the company as in February, Vodafone’s network was broken into at one of its technical facilities which affected customers’ text, data and voices services which crippled the company and its reputation. With the popularity of smartphones (e.g. Blackberrys and iPhones), its London network had also been under strain. However, the chargers in the taxis will be adaptable to charge any type of mobile phone, including hungry smartphones!

Laurence said “We are committed to offering London the best possible network”.

As well as being able to charge their phones, tourists, late night clubbers and busy businessmen will not have to get the cabbie to stop at a cash point to pay for the journey. Vodafone customers will be able to pay for their journeys with their phone by sending a simple text.

The taxis won’t be hard to miss if you want to flag one down as they will be wrapped with a union jack design made up of 2000 London street names. Vodafone plan to have many more black cabs on board with their campaign by the end of August once all of the cabs have full taxi insurance to cover their new design and chargers in the cabs.

As part of the advertising campaign, Vodafone will also be sponsoring a fleet of Heathrow Express trains.

With technology becoming even more advanced, will paying by mobile phones become the norm in the future?

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