The Most Fuel Efficient Cabbie can be Found in Birmingham

A cab driver from Birmingham has managed to reduce his fuel bills by 23%, which makes him one of the most fuel efficient cabbies in the country.

Shell organised the Smarter Cab Drivers competition to find the black cab driver who can drive the most economically.

Arshad Ali represented Birmingham and competed against other black cab drivers from all over the United Kingdom and took second place, after some major competition.

Ali said, “It’s been a fantastic experience and I’m really pleased I was asked to be involved in the project.”

He carried on saying, “I found turning off my engine when stationary at lights to be especially useful. A few passengers questioned why I was doing this, and I was able to tell them all about fuel efficiency and point them to the Smarter Cab Drivers website to keep an eye on my progress.”

The black cab drivers that took part in the competition, managed to reduce their fuel consumption by an average of 20% per driver and will be able to save as much as £1,552 if they continue to keep up with the energy saving.

£544 is the amount that an average cabbie could save and collectively, the cabbies can save up to £18.5 billion if the UK’s 34.1 million drivers all applied the simple smarter driving tips that Shell has provided. So far, Shell has trained over 100,000 cabbies across the world on how to improve their driving to cut down on costs and save money.

With the increased cost of UK taxi insurance and fuel prices, cabbies need to think about ways in which they can help save money, therefore, Shell’s simple smarter driving tips is welcomed by many.

General Manager of Shell UK Retail, Melanie Lane, said, “We know fuel prices are high right now so it’s important that we help people save fuel and money.

“We’re so pleased to see that our drivers have taken the challenge so seriously and on average have doubled our expected fuel reduction target. We hope this campaign can show that if cabbies can do it, all drivers can become smarter, more fuel-efficient and will see the impact on their pocket.”

18 public hire cab drivers from 10 cities across the UK took part in the competition and spent 1 month battling each other to save money and become more fuel efficient by making simple changes to the way they drive.

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