Tendring Taxi Redesign

Plans to get taxis in the Tendring area to have the same design, has been halted. This is because the taxi drivers the change is expected for are opposing the idea. They feel this will add more of a financial burden onto them, which will mean making a living will become even harder.

The idea was that all the taxis in this area would have a green and white design to improve the image of the area and possible help boost tourism. Instead of pushing the issue the Tendring District Council’s licensing committee has decided to talk to the taxi drivers more to reach an agreement.

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association is happy with this decision because taxi drivers are unfortunately feeling the brunt of the economic downturn. Not only will they have to face the increasing petrol prices and taxi insurance fees they may quite possibly face a revamp of their cab to fit in with the proposed plans as well.

A spokesman from this association has said, “We have got a double-dip recession and the economy is in its worst start since the 1980s, arguably the 1970s, and anything else that increases the cost burden on taxi drivers we would question.

“We’d also question the need for a universal colouring scheme and the methods by which they have come to that idea.

“It’s not been proven to work; cabs are all shapes and sizes. You look at the taxi light – the fact the taxi is green, yellow or red is irrelevant.”

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