Taxi’s of Tomorrow

Have you been tempted to invest in a new taxi recently? It might not be a bad time to consider upgrading, as new alternatives to the traditional cab are now being mooted.  The Taxi and Limousine Commissions (TLC) have just recently revealed their idea of brand new an electronic taxi called the UniCab.

These electric powered taxis will be more energy efficient, plus, with oil being a fossil fuel and running out rapidly, it could turn out to be a very smart idea.  If you are a taxi driver and are out on the road all day driving your customers around, you’ll probably have opportunities to stop in between journeys, and re-charge just like you would at any petrol station.

The new UniCab has enough room for up to seven passengers, including space for their luggage, plus a ramp and space for wheelchair users.  It also has LED screens on the outside of the taxi, to show how many people are riding and where it is going.

This really is the taxi of the future; it also meets the highest safety standards.  Whilst releasing lower emissions and giving an improved fuel economy, these will reduce the taxi’s environmental footprint.  This does genuinely seem an all round better way to travel; not just more comfortable for your journey but potentially better for the economy & environment too.

If they are a success, they will likely take over the standard taxis, especially if the government was to regulate against older fossil fuel based taxis, a situation not entirely unrealistic, should viable alternatives exist.

We imagine these new models, along with most other hi tech vehicles, to be somewhat expensive in the near future, so you’d best be prepared to shop around if you want affordable taxi insurance on these types of vehicles!