Taxi Rank not to be moved to Shopping Centre

Earlier on in the year we spoke about the debate on whether there should be a taxi rank placed in the middle of Workington’s shopping centre, well a decision has been made and the new rank will not be located here.

They want to find a new location for a night time rank, although this idea faced opposition from shoppers and business owners. There are still three other options on the list and these will be discussed next week. These options are Jane Street, Murray Road and Udale Street.

The news that the rank won’t be relocated to the shopping centre is welcome news for those strongly against it as they feared they would be subject to drunken anti-social behaviour late in the evening and that there may also be traffic issues.

The rank needs to be moved because taxi drivers complained earlier on in the year as drivers were doing U turns and parking at the traffic lights and down Ramsay Brow. This was causing problems for the taxi drivers so they took their complaint to Allerdale Council and the Cumbria Police.

Inspector Craig Lory visited the current taxi rank and said that it had to be moved because it is “an accident waiting to happen.” If something were to happen it would mean the taxi drivers having to make a claim on their taxi insurance.

He went on to say, “Our preferred option would be Murray Road.

“It disperses people out of the town centre and only people who really want a taxi will go there – and I can dedicate a patrol to it.”

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