Taxi of Tomorrow Could be Stuck in the Past

Today in New York the Taxi and Limousine Commission will be voting on whether the “taxi of tomorrow” will be launched. The plans are that these taxis will replace nearly all the current taxi’s that exist in New York with this one model. They are planning on having them around for the next 10 years as of December 2013.

Officials in the city see this as a step forward in the future of the private hire industry however this may not be true.

It could also be damaging for the economy as the production of the vehicles will be happing in Mexico. This means there will be no new jobs created. Also as it is being produced by one company, Nissan, this means the parts for the vehicles will be even more expensive. This added on to the cost of fuel and taxi insurance will make life harder for taxi drivers.

The new cabs aren’t environmentally friendly. Currently there are 13,000 taxis in New York, 6,000 of which are hybrid. This will now be being replaced with combustion vehicles. Also as the new plans set out these new vehicles will be around for 10 years, any new changes in technology won’t be picked up by the industry, forcing them to stay in the past.

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