Taxi Legislation Update

If a legal reform goes ahead as planned then taxi laws as well as licensing laws will see some major changes.

One of the first to give their opinions on the changes is those that are members of Copeland’s taxi and licensing committee. The chair here, Councillor Peter Connolly has said, “Over 22 years I have been on the taxi panel I have seen a lot of changes and things have improved.”

The oldest law that still applies to taxis nowadays is legislation that was written in 1831. Since then the laws have been changed but it is still out of date.

Changes that want to be implemented include a national minimum safety standard for all taxi and private hire vehicles. This is as well as local standards for taxicabs.

If these standards are bought in, it means they can be monitored nationally and means there will be little difference, although, the local standards will probably differ between each council. Having similar standards could mean money is saved.

Members at Copeland’s taxi and licensing committee have said that there should be a difference though still between, hackney cabs that can be hailed in the street, wait at ranks and accept pre booked fares as well as vehicles that are covered by a private hire insurance policy.

Also within the discussions about the proposed plans is whether taxi drivers should be offered training to help disabled passengers.

The Government are planning on have a report and a draft bill produced by November 2013.

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