Taxi Jubilee Photo Booth

A taxi driver in Liverpool, Bernie Buxton, has revamped his taxi into a Jubilee photo booth.

Bernie is an Olympic torchbearer as a result of his ongoing charity work and has completely transformed his cab in union jack upholstery, cushions and flags for the Queens Jubilee. If you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of the cab, you can hail it for free between the times of 12pm and 3pm for a photo. All that is asked is that you make a contribution of £1 towards to Liverpool Taxi Drivers’ Children In Care Outing Fund. The taxi is available for photos until tomorrow.

The cab has been decorated like this since yesterday and was opened by Bernie himself; he is also the Treasurer of the Liverpool Taxi Drivers Children in Care Outing Fund.

The charity takes children that are looked after locally to Camelot Theme Park in a long line of taxis for a number of years now. The charity also makes sure that when the children leave care at 18 they are given all the essentials they might need and someone to talk to to offer support.

Centre Manager, Jennina O’Neil has said “We wanted to offer our customers a special Jubilee keepsake and what better than a photograph with family and friends.

“We also took this opportunity to recognise the fantastic charity work of Liverpool taxi drivers, like Bernie, in selflessly supporting local children in care.”

Bernie said, “We were delighted to be asked to join Metquarter for their Jubilee campaign.

“The charity has been going for many years, supported by local cab drivers on ranks across the city, who give their free time and transport to provide trips to Camelot and Christmas pantomimes for looked after children in care.”

Bernie, like every other taxi driver will need taxi insurance. This is to make sure that if something was to ever happen to his taxi, he would be able to carry on with his job and continue doing his good work for charity.

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