Taxi Fare Increase in Cambridge

Taxi fares in Cambridge will be increasing by 20p from August 15th of this year. This is due to the ever increasing running costs of the vehicles.

As we have all seen fuel prices have become cheaper over the last few weeks but taxi drivers are still out of pocket from all the years of increasing prices and the fear that in August there will be 3p added per litre of fuel. As a result hackney carriage drivers put in a request to increase their fares by 20p which was agreed by city councillors yesterday.

As well as the price of fuel increasing the cost of servicing, parts, repairs and taxi insurance is also increasing which is putting financial pressure on cabbies.

The treasurer of Cambridge City licensed Taxis, David Wratten has said, “We asked for 20p purely to help towards high running costs because all the time it gets dearer and dearer to run a taxi.

“We are still earning less than we did two years ago and I know everyone is, but we have got to keep our vehicles on the roads and we thought this would be reasonable for customers and the trade.”

Fare changes in Cambridge have usually followed those that happen in London although the drivers in the area said they didn’t want the previous increases of 5.3 per cent on distance and waiting time.

Councillor Colin Rosenstiel said that taxi drivers feared that the increase could deter customers.

Mr Rosenstiel said, “The evidence from London shows the cost of running a taxi has gone up by more than 5 per cent and this increase is lower than that so we felt that, in the face of increased costs, we had to be fair for the trade.

“It’s less than they could have asked for because they were concerned about the impact on trade.”
As a result in Cambridge the basic charge between7am and 7pm will be £2.80 plus distance and waiting time. Between 7pm and 7am the basic charge will be £3.80.

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