Taxi Drivers vs. Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow has claimed that London taxi drivers don’t like him after him organising the concert for the Diamond Jubilee.This is because his concert caused a lot of traffic congestion and a lot of delays around Buckingham Palace.

Gary Barlow was sitting in traffic and had asked his taxi driver if there was another way round to avoid the traffic and the driver replied, “Nah, some tw*t decided to build a stage here.” Mr Barlow said he simply replied by saying, “Yeah, I can’t believe it,” and decided not to say anything for the rest of the journey.

Gary Barlow was trying to get to the concert where he had written a song for the Diamond Jubilee. He has travelled around the commonwealth countries to gain inspiration and record people singing. From this he wrote the UK number one “sing”.

There were huge stars at the concert including Sit Elton John. Gary Barlow said, “It’s the biggest thing I will ever do.”

Even though taxi drivers may not be his favourite fans he still managed to impress most of the country.
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