Taxi Drivers Leave for Rival Firm Over Pay

It has recently been revealed that about 70 drivers have resigned from the Accrington taxi rank and they have since joined rival companies all because of a pay disagreement. The drivers left Max Cabs and were demonstrating in their local town last month and were saying that they were being underpaid. Since then many have left for other companies in order to make more money.

At the moment it is a tough climate for taxi drivers to be operating in. They are constantly battling the increasing prices of fuel, and on top of this have to pay for maintenance of their vehicles and for their private hire insurance and licensing too. This coupled with fewer people taking taxi journeys due to the recession means it is hard way to earn a living.

The other companies that are rumored to have taken on Max Cabs drivers are Alpha Cars, Arrow Taxis and Central Taxis.
Shamsher Ali was chosen from those protesting to represent the rest of the drivers and he has said, “Max Cabs didn’t come to a single meeting. The other companies were glad to hear from us, because Max had undercut them when they opened in 2009. When they dropped fares from the average minimum of £3 to £1.50 everyone struggled for business.
“It’s good for them to take on the drivers and good for the drivers.”

Hassan Hussain is from Central Taxis, one of the firms taking on former Max Cabs drivers, and he has said, “It’s about time these crazy fares stopped. When Max came in it was cheaper than the bus and actually took a lot of trade away from the busses.

“They’ve come to us because we don’t expect them to work for nothing.

“Our minimum fare is £2.50, which isn’t dear but it allowed the drivers to take home something after tax, insurance, petrol and licensing. We also only charge £50 a year radio rents which is much less than Max.”

The boss at Max cabs has said that he is still expecting the drivers to return, although some have left for other jobs, the majority are at home. He believes that they will be back to work when everything has died down. He also stated that he wouldn’t be increasing his minimum fares which were demanded in the protests and in the strike and he has said that the strike was “forcing him out of business”.

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