Taxi Drivers in Bahrain

Taxi Drivers in Bahrain are being criticised for trying to charge extortionate prices for sightseeing trips to passengers arriving off cruise ships.

The luxury boat, Aida Blu, has 2,500 passengers and many of them were asked to pay €150 to visit the top tourist attractions. The boat arrived at Khakufa Bin Salman Port yesterday and the drivers seemed to be targeting the German passengers.

These prices are very high, and they are probably asking for this amount because of the ever increasing fuel prices, the fact that tourists won’t mind paying for these prices and to cover the cost of their private hire insurance.

One tourist and his wife commented on the situation saying, “This is absurd – I came here to have a good time and here I am being asked to pay this money for something I do not want to do.

“I want to take a walk and, perhaps, shop in the area and not go where our tour organisers will take us anyway.”

Some others were willing to except the journey for half the price, although the taxi drivers refused as they say they only go by what their meter days.
A representative of a tour organisers, Raja Machharu said, “This issue of taxi drivers is a problem and we often have tourists complaining.

“We guide the visitors and tell them to go around the area and come back at an appointed time, but as soon as they get off the buses there are surrounded by taxi drivers.
“We cannot do much but want the government to stop in and take action to ensure it does not happen.”

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